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Are you one of the many people that think chatbots in apps and sites are gimmicky? In the past, I'd have been right there with you. The bots of the past were mostly hardcoded choose-your-own-adventure, or at best, running queries that delivered identical results. Every time. Nice try Geocities, I can use a search box for that (I fear I just dated myself). 

We are living in exciting times...

Have you considered that a chatbot is one of the best ways of gathering intelligence directly from your users. You and your organization have a lexicon of words, product names and features, and, oh my, the absolute gaggle of acronyms, that has developed and evolved over the years. Do your customers share this vocabulary? Maybe your existing clients, yes - but what about new prospects? What are they looking for? More importantly, how are they looking for it and what are they calling it?

With a bot and a bit of AI, the various Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and cognitive services frameworks are able to map concepts and learn the way customers prefer to interact with your content and functionality. 


It’s unlikely that one of the requirements of your solution should be the ability to pass the Turing test, set the groundwork for Skynet, or become sentient enough to solve murder mysteries with Will Smith, but there is a lot AI can help you do. The purpose of AI is to analyze all available data, make a decision, analyze the outcome or result and apply those learnings to the core data set, thus improving negative or neutral outcomes over time. We can help you mine your data, develop models and algorithms, then plug it all into the automated frameworks and services to put the machines to work for you.


I’m still not giving up on flying cars that the average person can afford and pilot, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is a big step in the right direction. IoT is more than just your toaster letting your fridge know when you’re out of bread or my WiFi scale spreading vicious lies about me on the internet, it is about the interconnectivity of the devices we rely on to improve and automate our lives. It is about reducing costs, improving efficiency, conserving energy and automating safety measures. There are hundreds of IoT devices available, and we know the frameworks that will get them connected. Let’s talk!

/ VR

Virtual Reality (VR) isn’t just about the goofy glasses. We create 3D, immersive experiences, delivered via the browser, that give your users a fun way to interact with your products and content. We create

  • Virtual events, conferences, booths and tradeshows
  • Product demos
  • Virtual tours
  • Games
  • 3D content navigation & IA

Gotta have the glasses? We do that too.



We've got you covered there too.

Software. It's what we do.


Questions? Ready to get started? We'd love to hear from you. Fill out our contact card or email us at


You come first, not the technology.

Before advocating specific technologies or platforms, we take the time to understand your needs. Your business goals. Your processes. Your customers and stakeholders. Your budget. Your timeline.

/ 100% QUALITY

Technology should look good, work great, and enable your team to perform at their best.

As nerds with OCD (obsessive coding disorder), we understand the little things matter. Creating user-friendly and properly functioning software is what we do.